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A US-based manufacturer of semiconductor, computing network, and connectivity products. Its Canadian subsidiary, Sierra Wireless, owns Numerex, which manufactures electronic monitoring and surveillance tools used to locate and track individuals for pretrial adjudication, probation, parole, and immigration control.

Semtech Corporation, headquartered in California, designs, develops, and manufactures semiconductor, computing network, and connectivity products. In January 2023, the company acquired Sierra Wireless, Inc., a multinational communications equipment manufacturer and wireless internet provider headquartered in Richmond, Canada. As of 2018, Sierra Wireless employed an estimated 1,400 across 20 offices around the world, serviced over 130 countries, and generated $793.6 million in annual revenue. Sierra Wireless entered the business of e-carceration and surveillance technologies in 2017, when it acquired Numerex Corp for $107 million.

Following its acquisition of Numerex, Sierra Wireless owns Omnilink, which manufactures the Omnilink Offender Monitoring Solution, an ankle monitoring device which it markets to U.S. courts and law enforcement agencies for individuals in pretrial or under parole and probation supervision. The Omnilink system has been used by more than 750 agencies. In 2017, Numerex signed a five year, $2 million contract with the city of Charlotte, North Carolina to be the exclusive electronic monitoring provider for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, which has jurisdiction over almost a million residents. Other Omnilink users have included the Greensboro Police Department and Guilford County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina and the Home Incarceration Program of Clark County, Indiana.