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An Israeli construction and infrastructure company that conducts projects in illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory. Its subsidiary GreenNet operates a waste management facility in an illegal settlement in occupied East Jerusalem.

Ya'acobi Brothers Group Ltd (YSB) is an Israeli company that provides project management and construction services to infrastructure projects involving, for example, railway systems, traffic control, waste treatment, and electricity and lighting.

YSB subsidiary GreenNet built and operates a recycling and waste treatment plant in the Atarot Industrial Zone, an illegal Israeli settlement in occupied East Jerusalem. The plant, one of the largest of its kind in Israel, opened in 2015 and handles some 15,000 tons of waste daily—about half of the waste of the entire Jerusalem district. Transferring Israeli waste to be processed in the occupied Palestinian territory has become common practice and is a violation of international law, according to B'Tselem. GreenNet also employs Palestinian workers from the occupied West Bank under abusive conditions, as documented by MAAN Workers Association.

In addition, YSB has been conducting several construction and infrastructure projects in illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank, according to Who Profits. This includes projects in occupied East Jerusalem, connecting illegal Israeli settlement neighborhoods to Western Jerusalem; in Ma'ale Adumim, one of Israel's largest illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank; and at the Allenby border crossing in the occupied Jordan Valley. The company has also provided maintenance services to Israeli police and military bases in the occupied West Bank and to the Israeli Prison Service. Some of these projects were handled by YSB subsidiaries Ariel-Wimasor and Menolead Herut. 

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